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Trigger Point Techniques

A Trigger point is an area of tightness within a muscle that can create tiny bumps or knots. This can prevent the muscle from relaxing which can effect blood flow and cause pain and tenderness. Trigger points often form in muscles that have been injured, overused or due to postural imbalances.

Trigger point technique applies pressure to the active trigger point. This may cause a degree of discomfort initially, but assists in alleviating problem areas and reducing referred pain felt in other areas.

Referred pain sensations may include:
Sharp pain, dull aching, burning, tingling, itching and numbness.

The treatment focuses on the origin of the problem as opposed to the area where discomfort is felt. Client and therapist work together to maximise the effect of the treatment.

Preventative treatment
“Latent” Trigger points may remain unnoticed but preventative treatment can reduce their development to active Trigger points.

Specific Benefits
Helps relieve:
• Headaches
• Back & Neck pain/stiffness
• Tennis elbow
• Frozen shoulder
• Sciatica
• Shin splints
• Prevents development of active trigger points

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