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Sports Massage

It is often thought that Sports massage is solely for sports people but it is of benefit to anybody. For those that donít play sports or work in an office sitting in the same position for long periods of time, it is ideal. It is extremely effective for relaxing tight muscles and soothing aching limbs.

Sports massage manipulates soft tissue to prevent injuries and provides therapeutic benefits by restoring the various structures of the body back to normal functioning activity.

General aches and pains created through sport/activity can be located through the exploration of tissues and treated preventing injury and loss of joint mobility alongside improved performance and endurance. It is an ideal form of therapy after the initial inflammation stage as it works alongside the bodyís natural healing process. The manipulation of injured tissues and break down of scar tissue prevents adhesions forming, enabling a quicker return to activity.
Special Benefits:
• Reaches the deepest layers of muscle and connective tissue
• Indirectly frees restricted joints
• Drains deeper tissues of blood & lymph

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